Do You Realize How Crazy It Is What You’re Doing?

It’s easy to feel alone when you’re an entrepreneurial type. 

You’re dealing with challenges that you didn’t even know existed—constantly.

Most of the time, you’re on your own, reinventing the wheel on a daily basis.

There’s nobody to turn to but yourself. You cannot ask your parents for advice, and your girlfriend or boyfriend has no idea what you’re even talking about. 

On days like this it’s helpful to remember how crazy it is what you’re doing. 

Don’t Forget You’re Crazy

As an entrepreneur, you live in a bubble. Unless you’re in a major city or part of an online mastermind group, there will be days where it feels like you’re the only person in the world who’s doing what you do. 

When you work for a future that depends entirely on your own efforts, you’ll end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself. 

And most of the time, it will feel like you’re banging your head against the wall. Even worse, you will often be reminded that you actually have no idea what you’re doing. 

It’s on days like that, you need somebody to remind you of reality…

Do you realize how crazy it is what you’re doing?

Putting pressure on yourself doesn’t help.

That’s like trying to sprint, when you’re really running a marathon. Patience is a virtue—especially if you’re trying to build something. 

Do you realize that you’re in a 1% minority, perhaps even 0,01%? 

Most people have day jobs and never question whether really like what they do.

Of those who do realize that they don’t like their jobs, very few do anything about it.

And of the remaining few who do something about it, most will stop after the first setback.

Don’t you realize how crazy it is what you’re doing?

You are an outlier. You are a minority, a special case. You might even be the only one  in your whole community. 

But you’re not alone.

There’re a million people all over the world who are following a similar path. They struggle like you do. Somedays they just feel overwhelmed—just like you.

How Could You Not Worry?

When you put pressure on yourself, remember that you have no idea what you’re doing. You’re in unchartered territory. You’re an adventurer and a visionary. You’re taking a risk.

It’s only natural to feel confused, lonely, and anxious. How could you not? 

There’s no boss to tell you how to do your work. There’s no book that tells you exactly how to go about your business. 

In a sense, you’re completely on your own.

The reason you’re alone isn’t because your path isn’t worth it. It’s because it’s difficult. Most people prefer to avoid anything that’s too difficult. 

The reason you’re alone isn’t because your path isn’t worth it. It’s because it’s difficult.

Next time when you question your choices, remember that uncertainty is a part of the journey. Uncertainty is the threshold that keeps out the weak. If it was easy, anybody and their uncle would go there. 

But it’s not easy. The journey is difficult. It’s high-risk. How else could it be high-reward?.

What you’re doing is crazy, really. 

You’ve Made Your Decision

You are smart enough to get a decent job, but you don’t.

You could choose a life where your mind belongs to nothing but yourself one you leave work, but you don’t.

You choose to ruminate, think up new schemes, and plan the day ahead as if your live depended on it.

You could  get a consistent pay-check, but you choose to run your own show.

You do all of that because you’re a little bit crazy. Because you’re not like everyone else. Because you want just a little bit more from life.

Not wonder you sometimes feel alienated! Does it surprise you that people don’t understand what you’re doing? It is strange for you to feel the ever-present pressure of failure?

You’re literally walking ahead of the pack every single day of your life. 

You’re forging a path through the forest. Of course you’re going to hit a tree every now and then.

Life is easy when you’re riding the high of a successful project. Payday always eleviates the doubt for a while.

But when you’re down in the mud that you need to remind yourself that you’re doing something crazy. 

Don’t pressure yourself more than you need to; it’s tough enough as it is.

You’re forging a path through the forest. Of course you’re going to hit a tree every now and then.

It’s Hard Enough As It Is

Treat yourself with patience, just as you would do a child that learns to walk. You’re taking your first steps. It’s no wonder that you’re struggling not to fall.

  • It’s okay to feel nervous.
  • It’s okay to have doubts.
  • It’s okay to ruminate for days about what you should do next.
  • It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to make the wrong decisions.
  • It’s okay to feel whiny and weak.
  • It’s okay to beat yourself up.
  • It’s okay to be lazy one day.
  • It’s okay not to be able to think clearly some time.
  • It’s okay to think about quitting on a daily basis.

But it’s not okay to forget that you’re doing something extraordinary, something crazy.

In the grand scheme of things, you will move forward. But you need patience: patience with yourself and patience with the results

You also need trust: trust in yourself and trust in the process. 

Betting is scary, but that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re betting on the future instead of asking for the goodies now. 

As Gary V says: “Bet 15 years on ‘like’ and hope it turns into more.”

In other words, trust that one day you’ll get to reap the fruits of whatever you’re sowing at the moment.

Bet 15 years on ‘like’ and hope it turns into more.

Gary V