Inevitable Success

Rarely do we feel “ready” to take our life to the next level. 

It’s not that we simply wake up one day thinking: “today I’m in the right mood to turn it all around!” 

In reality, it’s almost the opposite.

We are made ready by the demands of reality. It’s pressure that makes us ready. We take our life to the next level because we have to. 

It’s a mechanism we can use to our advantage. 

Knowing that we will have to become ready once the challenge is on, we can shift our focus. Instead of focusing on getting ready, we can instead focus on creating the challenge.

Think about what happens when we lose our job, get married, or move to a new city. 

These changes in lifestyle make certain growth-processes inevitable. Now you have to apply for a new job. Now you have to make the relationship work. Now you have to find new friends and create a new life for yourself. 

But challenges don’t always appear in our life by themselves. Sometimes we need to seek them out proactively. 

The trick is making sure to create challenges whenever we want growth. Instead of waiting or practicing to become ready for a new challenge, we simply create the challenge. That’s the starting point.

Once the challenge exists, we have to grow in order to rise up to it.

I’ve been long toying with the idea of teaching more than just dance. I want to give seminars on relationships, personal psychology, or mindfulness. In my mind, I’ve always pictured myself dealing with this challenge once I’m older and have more experience. 

But I got it all wrong! I can create conditions now that will force me to get the necessary experience. (Remember: the alternative is to wait until I have acquired the necessary experience, so I can then address the challenge.)

In the beginning of this year, I started a podcast, committing to follow through with it for one year. I had read that commitment forces you to follow through will your goals. 

But commitments are still weak. There is no driving force behind them, no urgency. 

Commitments in themselves don’t make success inevitable. 

And yet, that’s exactly what we should be doing.  

We should be creating conditions that make success inevitable.

But let’s go back to my vision of giving seminars in front of large groups of people. 

Committing to prepare for this vision is weak. Setting goals surrounding that vision is weak. Even signing up for speaking classes can be weak. 

None of these things makes it inevitable that my vision will become reality. 

But If I plan to give a big workshop in one year from now, pay for the location now, and put the event up on Facebook now, then I have inevitability. 

Do you see how different this feels?

It’s going to happen, whether I am ready or not. I do no longer have a choice. It’s on.

All of my energy and focus will now go into making it happen.